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How to Clean and Protect My Rubber Roof

When cleaning a rubber roof with Streak-X Black Streak Neutralizer use the dilution of 1⁄4 gallon of Streak-X to 3 to 4 gallons of water. Remember Streak-X is strong so no need to over do it.

First wet down the entire exterior of coach and keep it wet, that way any soap that runs down the sides doesn’t leave any “over-clean” marks. I always put the coach or trailer on a tilt angle so the soap suds run off in one direction, either the front or rear.

Next start washing the roof, I prefer to work my way from front to back. With me I keep the bucket, wash brush and the hose to rinse the coach. Caution Do not walk in the soap suds, they are extremely slippery, so as a precaution I recommend you do not get on the roof, use a ladder and work from the sides. Streak-X Black Streak Neutralizer will start working immediately.

When it comes time to rinse, use plenty of water and be sure to rinse the trailer as well as the roof. We don’t want dirty soap suds to dry up on the exterior. After a good rinsing of the roof and the RV, let it dry completely before applying the rubber roof protectant.

When applying the protectant, use the same brush that was used before, providing it is dry. Pour a small amount in a container (avoid getting in on the sides of the RV exterior) Use Caution not to let this happen. Brush the protectant all over the (dry) rubber roof. A small paint brush works well for the perimeter of the roof. Make sure to pick a time when there will be no rain for 24 hour to allow the protectant to dry completely. The Protectant will dry as a clear acrylic finish, a second coat can be added for extra protection it is important to wash the brush right after use; otherwise the brush will dry and be ruined. Remember the roof protectant is an acrylic and will dry to a protective type finish.

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