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RVTech Service Announces Distributor Program

Unleash The Unlimited Power of Streak-X

Williamstown, New Jersey - RVTech Service Inc., the makers of professional strength cleaning and polishing products including Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer and Seal N Glo® New Age Exterior Protectant, announced today the launching of their RV Distributor Program.

Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer has been used by RV service technicians and owners since 1996 to quickly remove black streaks from RVs. More recently, RV technicians and owners have discovered Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer.

Unlike other RV cleaners, Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer contains no citrus, and will not damage clear coats, or fade decals.

The product is known by consumers nationwide for safely and effectively removing black streaks, grease, gum, smoke, soot, tar, brake dust, ink, heel & scuff marks, lipstick, old wax, mold, mildew, and other stains from RV's including fiberglass, painted metal, chrome, vinyl, plastic, rubber roofs and aluminum surfaces.
Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer is a superior rubber roof cleaner. No stain is too tough for the unlimited power of Streak-X®.

Seal N Glo® New Age Exterior Protectant provides outstanding protection against acid rain, bird droppings, dirt, grease and other unwanted elements. Simply spray on and wipe off! Unlike waxes, Seal N Glo® New Age Exterior Protectant will not build up between body panels and will not whiten or dull embossed plastic trim. Perfect for RV's, boats, aircraft, motorcycles, SUV's, automobiles and limousines, painted metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass, chrome, furniture and counter tops. Polish a 30 ft RV in 30 minutes with Seal N Glo® New Age Exterior Protectant.

"We're very excited to have national suppliers join our RV Distributor Program," says RVTech Service president, Chuck Williams. "We're also confident that Distributors will be strategic partners in helping us serve the RV industry."

"What would you use, if you knew it wouldn't fail?"

About RVTech Service, Inc:
RVTech Service, Inc. is the manufacturer of professional strength cleaning and polishing solutions including Streak-X® Black Streak Neutralizer, and Seal N Glo® New Age Exterior Protectant. The company is a pioneer in the production of concentrated cleaning solutions that are mixed with water prior to use. This product packaging concept reduces cost, saves storage space and minimizes plastic waste. And environmentally safe. All RVTech products are made in the U.S.A.

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