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Streak-X for Boats
The Ultimate in Boat Cleaning Technology

A scientifically developed commercial strength formula, Streak-X is a strong marine cleaner too, that is available to the public. Streak-X performance is GUARANTEED. It takes away soils like scum lines, bottom fouling stains, water lines and yellow stains. Streak-X safely removes grease, grime, oil, rust, dirt and oxidation.

Streak-X doesn’t stop there it can also clean hard surfaces like, head and galley fixtures, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, vents, hulls, cabin tops, vinyl seats, bumpers, marine chrome, marine aluminum, stainless steel, brass, deck furniture.

Ask the expert

Chuck says, “Streak-X also cleans…”
• Non-Skid Decks
• Fish and Bait Wells
• Foul Weather Gear
• Tools
• Canvas
• Bilge
• Carpets
• Mirrors
• Laundry
• Grills
• Engine
• Exhaust Stacks
• Filters
• Bulk heads
• Gun Whale
• Patch
• Transom

No stain is too tough for the unlimited power of Streak-X!

* See Dilution Chart

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