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Average Ratings: 100% Best product on the market (28 votes)

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  • "Streak-X"
    William Petty
  • "Only Stuff that works"
    Paul Swoboda
  • "I just received my first order of Streak-X and I am very pleased with the outcome! I used it to wash my personal RV plus the cars that I race. It took all the dirt, brake dust ect. off my car and didn't damage any stickers! I will be ordering again from you without hesitation!!"
    Bob's Race Shop
  • "I just brought out my travel trailer out of storage. It was terriable!! Filthy, mold I couldn't remove any of it. A friend suggested I buy RVTECH's Streak-X. I was skeptical but I did buy it and I love it!!! It brought my trailer back to "looking like new again!" I will definitely buy the line of RVTECH Products from now on!!"
    Deluna R.
  • "We just received our Streak-X order and we are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the product. It removed all the mold, mildew and the black line streaks down the RV. My customer was extremely pleased with his RV!!"
    Robert's Movile RV Wash
  • "Streak-X.......This is the first time I used Streak-X and I must say it cleaned my Motorhome exceptionally well!! I've used alot of products on the market but none of them compare to Streak-X!! I will recommend Streak-X to everyone! This product does everything it says it does!!"
    Candace J.
  • "Streak-X for Cargo Trailers - My name is Anthony and I own my own Business. I've been using RVTECH's Streak-X for 6 months now. I've got a contract cleaning Cargo Trailers, and I'd like to give the RVTECH Crew a "THUMBS UP!!" for this great product. I've got "Happy Customers", who love the outcome of their trailers! Thanks Chuck for making a GREAT PRODUCT!"
    Flying Colors Power Washing
  • "I'm the owner of Tony's Fantastic Finishes and we have been using the whole line of RV Tech Products. All of my customers are 100% Satisfied with the look and feel of their vehicles! I would never use anything else on the market. RV Tech products are rated #1 with my shop and my customers!!"
    Tony's Fantastic Finishes
  • "I went on the Internet to see what I could use to clean my Motorhome. I found the "RV Tech Website" for Streak-X and Seal-N-Glo. I purchased the 2 products and I was amazed at what the products did for my Motorhome!! It's BEAUTIFUL!! Two thumbs up for Chuck and his amazing product line!!"
    Olivia R.
  • "Streak-X - I just bought Streak-X for the 1st time. I've got to admit that this is the best product I've ever used on my trailer! Streak-X is everything it advertised itself to be!!"
    Elana R.
  • "Streak-X - I bought my trailer a year ago and stored it at the campground over the winter. When Spring came my trailer was full of dirt, sap ect. I heard about Streak-X and decided to try it. I'm so glad I did!! It removed everything off my trailer and my decals were not damaged! HATS OFF to Streak-X and RV Tech!!!!"
    Lou Ann S.
  • "I power washed my house with Streak-X. I t took awayall the mold and mildew off the side of my house from the trees and shrubs. This is the best product I have found on the Market!!"
    John S.
  • "Streak-X Best Product on the Market! I have used alot of products to remove the black lines off of my trailer, Streak-X is the one that I use! It's the best one I have found on the market!! I will continue to use the product along with Seal-N-Glo"
    Noreen M
  • "Streak-X For Cargo Trailers"
    Gary Mount
  • "Black streak -x"
    Five - R Truck and trailer.
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