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  • "Thank you Streak X and Seal N Glo. Since meeting you at the RV show, I have tried those samples and they were great. I have since started using Streak X. It has allowed me to break up collections of soot and streaks immediately. I have yet to lose a dime on Streak X and Seal N Glo. I am very impressed! Thanks again!"
    Frank Shaw of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • "I am a RV owner since February 2002, and we have been using only Streak X and Seal N Glo on it. This is to let others know the power of these two products. Their superior formulas work like no other. Happy cleaning to all!"
    Candice and Riley O'Malley of Seattle, WA
  • "Hi Chuck: I was at an RV show in Edison. First, I just want to say what an informative, interesting and fun day it was. Thank you for taking part of your time to make me realize what I was missing in your amazing product. I purchased Streak X at that show. It truly has made a difference in the time spent looking at various detailing products. Though still in the learning stages, I have been to 13 out of 15 RV shows chosen through local campground magazines. You definitely were worth the trip."
    Carol B. ( Thanks for the free race track Pit passes !
  • "I have been a RV Tech customer for about 2 months now. I went up and down the list of places but after reading and researching all of RV stores, I really got top quality service from you. Streak X has helped me so much. I just got it yesterday and since then I have introduced it to many of friends."
    Jeff C.
  • "Another super job. I am a Streak X and Seal N Glo customer. Seal N Glo is unlike any polish out there. It polished my car in less than 10 minutes. Recently I have found your website to be so very helpful. Thanks for an outstanding creation!"
    Mike and JoJo >> Rvers, Boaters, & Pilots Association
  • "I realized in a huge way the true power of Streak X and Seal N Glo combination. They compliment each other prefectly. Everyone should try it!"
    Jeremy West of JW's RVing Outpost
  • "I am the owner of a limousine service and I have a fleet of limousines always on the road. This formula works quickly and in under 15 minutes, I'm able to see a professional detailer's shine every time . Highly recommend this product!"
    Eleanor Palmer of Elegant Limousine Service of Florida
  • "I just wanted to send personal thanks for your help in purchasing Streak X. I learned so much in that short amount of time. I used your product today and it works great!"
    James Thomas Va.
  • "Iím loving Streak X and Seal N Glo beyond words. It has changed my way of cleaning. No exaggeration"
    Andrew Monroe
  • "Awesome product, I have never found anything better"
    Joe Brogan
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